Restaurant Brichs

Carrer del Sindicat 10

43730 Falset, Tarragona


Telèfon: 690251206

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Companies and Groups Menus

For Company meetings and Groups, Brichs offers two menu options with a selection of our specialties. Available at noon and evening.

Company Menu - Montsant


  • Egg at low temperature, potato foam and cep (mushrooms)

  • Roasted Brichs cannelloni with truffle and foie gras

  • Glazed codfish with tomato sauce

  • Veal dice with ranci wine sauce and mushrooms

  • Biscuits with ranci wine and burnt cream



Water, bread and Specialty coffee


30€ (VAT included)


Menú d'Empresa - Priorat

  • Egg at low temperature, cod foam and red prawns

  • Duck and foie salad

  • Octopus from la Rápita on the grill

  • Bulltail brick

  • Monkfish rice

  • Textures of hazelnut with Agramunt turrón



Water, bread and Specialty coffee


40€ (VAT included)